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Let's Get to Know Some Types and Benefits of Polyphenols

Polyphenols are natural compounds in plants that have many health benefits. In the body, polyphenols act as antioxidants that can reduce your risk of various diseases. The benefits of polyphenols can be obtained by eating healthy foods. Various studies suggest that polyphenols are useful in preventing damage to body cells due to free radicals and boosting the immune system. These free radical particles can form naturally due to metabolic processes. However, the amount of free radicals in the body can increase if frequently exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke, long-term sunlight, infection, or eating lots of food exposed to pesticides. Types of Polyphenols and Their Sources Polyphenols which are found in healthy foods and drinks or certain supplements are generally divided into several types, namely: Flavonoids Flavonoids are a group of pigments that exist in plants. About 60 percent of polyphenols belong to the flavonoid group. Some examples of substances that are include
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These Tips for Safe Traveling by Bus When Pregnant

Basically, pregnant women of whatever age are allowed to travel by bus, as long as the conditions of pregnant women are fit and there is no disruption in pregnancy. But ideally, traveling by bus during pregnancy is done when the age of the womb is already the second trimester. If you want to travel long distances using a bus, pregnant women are advised to check their health conditions to the obstetrician first. Later, the doctor will determine whether the condition of pregnant women makes it possible to travel by bus. Tips for Safe Traveling by Bus when Pregnant So that pregnant women can feel safe and comfortable when traveling by bus, especially when traveling long distances, there are some tips that pregnant women can do, namely: 1. Choose a bus that has toilet facilities and sit on the edge of the hall Although sitting near the window feels good because you can enjoy the view, but during pregnancy, you should choose a seat near the aisle to facilitate pregnant women to move

Mothers Need to Know the Health Risks of Sweet Drinks for Children

Children consume sweet drinks more often than mineral water? Be careful, Mother, these habits can cause various health problems that harm your child. Rarely eating chocolate, candy, or cakes does not mean that sugar consumption is controlled. Try to re-examine the sugar levels in drinks that are often consumed by children. Lest the amount is far more than what is obtained from the main food. How Many Sugar Spoons are in a Children's Drink? Besides having an important role in adding flavor, sugar actually produces energy for muscle work. However, sweet drinks often contain more sugar than is needed. Experts recommend that children consume no more than 226 grams of sugar or less than 6 tablespoons of sugar per week. While one can of 350 ml of soda alone contains more sugar than that. Sugar in excess levels can be found not only in soft drinks, but also in sports drinks, tea, coffee, vitamin drinks, mineral drinks with a certain taste, to fruit juice in containers. Here are so